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Regenerative medicine offers one of the most potent knee treatments – Cellular Regenerative Therapy – which may repair knee tendons without invasive surgeries or potentially addictive medications.

If pain, inflammation or weakness is making it difficult or impossible to straighten your knee you may have tendinitis, or you may have torn your knee tendon. Knee injuries usually occur after a hard fall, sudden impact, or stressful twist, and can impinge on your ability to stand, walk, exercise, and enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Regenerative medicine offers one of the most potent knee treatments known to science – Cellular Regenerative Therapy – which may repair knee tendons without invasive surgeries or potentially addictive medications.


Common symptoms of these conditions include:

  • a popping noise in your knee at the time of injury, followed by severe pain
  • extreme pain or inability to move your knee
  • walking with a limp and limited mobility
  • pain, swelling, and tenderness in your knee

While knee injuries are more common among people who participate in strenuous physical activities like sports or vigorous physical labor, a sudden fall, hard impact, or car accident injury can also damage the front of your knee.

Unlike risky surgeries or potentially dangerous medications, our Cellular Regenerative Therapy therapy taps your body’s own regenerative potential to reduce or eliminate your pain and stimulate your tendons to heal naturally – cell by damaged cell.

A recent report from Northwestern Memorial Healthcare states that National Football League (NFL) players who receive knee surgery due to a tendon tear are 50% less likely to return to play. The report explains that half of the athletes choosing knee surgery experience significant declines in performance, sometimes to the point of never playing the sport again because they never recover completely from their knee tendon tear even after a successful surgery. Stem cell injections may help you avoid the risk and downtime of surgery because, unlike invasive procedures, Cellular Regenerative Therapy therapy taps into your own body’s natural regenerative abilities.

As your injured cells synergize with our Cellular Regenerative Therapy they may reduce or eliminate your pain, regenerate your tissue, and revive your range of movement, allowing you to enjoy your exercise routine and leisure activities again.

Unlike surgery, which removes tissue and bone from your body, we utilize Cellular Regenerative Therapy. These Cellular Regenerative Therapies are injected directly into your pain site, stimulating your own cells to regenerate themselves. Your provider will use live x-ray or ultrasound imaging for guidance, so the injection will be delivered precisely to your affected area.

The Cellular Regenerative Therapy product delivers to your tissue may continue producing human growth factors for weeks, sometimes even months. How long they’ll remain active in your case will depend on your age, body type, genetics, and injury severity. Treatment success rates will also vary depending on all these factors, as they do with all medical procedures.

Worldwide clinical research and experience over almost 20 years have given us some effective parameters for various types of injury. After examining and accessing the nature and severity of your injury, medical history, and general health, your medical provider will decide how many million cells are needed for fast, effective treatment.

Experiencing an inflammatory response after a Cellular Regenerative Therapy injection is common. This is not because your body is rejecting the cells. It may actually be a positive sign that the live cells are creating a healing response.

The degree of inflammatory response to our Cellular Regenerative Therapy can vary based on:

  • the levels of IL-6 within your joint or tissue
  • the severity of damage and current inflammation in your joint

PRP therapy in conjunction with Cellular Regenerative Therapy injection may increase the probability of an inflammatory response.

Pain relief typically begins immediately after your treatment. Regeneration time varies depending on your age, genetics, general health, injury severity, and your ability to follow post-treatment care, along with your rehabilitation program to strengthen affected areas.

In an effort to keep the costs reasonable for everyone, we require patients to pay for their patient responsibility for treatment at the time of the service.  We accept most major insurance plans, major credit cards, debit cards, cash, flex and HSA cards.

We also accept MedLoan Finance. There is much variation in coverage for this treatment despite the fact that insurance companies should be clamoring to have you treated, as it can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, which are expensive to treat, however some of the testing we do is still considered experimental and thus we do charge a cash price for some of our Hormonal testing. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions regarding these issues.